52 Sales @$900 Each ($43,000) In 96 Hours

Tom Curtis was gracious enough to go DEEP with us on his recent 5 figure campaign. In video you will also see a laid out a path for him to turn this into a $250k to $500k a year biz.
I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you, Tom, for taking action and your open-hearted sharing.

In a world where folks have a hard time getting 139 comments on a post...Travis pulled out 139 SALES with a 2-page Google Doc that took him less than 10 minutes to write and one goofy-ass pic as a post, LOL!

*NO Replying to hundreds of comments (Except to say, “Thank you for buying!”)

*NO Video, workshop, or FB live song and dance.

*NO long ass posts. (The first post had 2 sentences. 2nd had 7 sentences and the last post was only ONE WORD!)

*NO Dm’ing or Tapping!

Goes to show ya…

People LOVE TO BUY when you make it a NO BRAINER! (It’s really a NO Brainer Campaign!)

Side note: Travis also got 139 buyer snail mails. (valuable asset for him)

He can (and have) upleveled many of the 139 BUYERS now.

All this from…

… a Google Doc

… and 3 brain dead simple posts over the weekend.

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