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  1. How It Started

  2. Passive $62k With One Simple Website

  3. How You Can Do The Same

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  1. How It Started

Long long time ago at the end of year 1999, I started my first online business. 

I used domains Justfreeweb.com & free-paradise.com. You can go to archive.org and check how they looked throughout the first few years of the century. It’s good to know that on www.archive.org you can check out the history of any domain name, for free. At one moment, my sites looked like this:

I was promoting different low cost products that paid usually few $, sometimes $15 - $30 for email conversion.

It was fun and interesting, and as a student I made really great profits.

  1. Passive $62k With One Simple Website

About 2 years later, first betting companies started to arrive in my country - as sports betting wasn’t allowed before… So I started to bet on sports. I was very successful with it :)

At that moment, I had 2 passions - creating websites and betting, so I decided to start, guess what… Community about betting :)

Very quickly it became the biggest online community of people from my country and all the countries around that spoke similar languages. There was a forum with lots of great advice and tips, and at the best times there were more than 3000 members that created more than 81000 topics in the forum. 

At the same time, I posted a few blog posts and inside them I promoted a few betting companies on the blog and forum.

And guess what? Many of them pay 30% commissions from their profits. Lifetime. 

I lost passion for betting, my community slowly died out 15 years ago, but commissions are still incoming, every month! 

Why am I talking about this? Because anybody can do something similar. Of course, your results won’t be the same, but if you follow this advice, you can be better than me! I challenge you! :)

  1. How To Do The Same

You can build an online business around something you really love (or not, but for me it’s easier to do something I’m passionate about), grow it and make commissions very quickly after you start. If you choose a quality recurring affiliate program, you will be able to collect those commissions for many years.

It’s important to say, you don’t need a huge list to make this happen. With just a few hundred subscribers to your email list, who know you like you and trust you, you can have life changing results.

There are many great affiliate programs. Let me show you how to find them.

  1. Make a list of 5-10 things you are most passionate about. 

  1. Find an affiliate program that makes sense to promote with it. Here are few affiliate networks where you can search from thousands of affiliate programs:

    1. Clickbank.com - only info products in many different niches, but the main are in wealth, health and weight loss

    2. CJ.com (thousand of different affiliate programs in hundreds of different categories. I used them in my first business 20 years ago)

    3. Share a Sale 

    4. Google ‘your niche’ affiliate program

  1. Choose 1 thing to build your business around and 1 affiliate program that you will promote. 

Still don’t know where to start? Research top 12 most profitable niches and make your decision!

  1. Create a funnel that you will send traffic to. Optin page where you save email address for people who are interested in the topic you have chosen in step 3. Also you will need simple thank you page with a video or a link to PDF where you give some free information. And call to action, it can be simple button with a link to the product you decide to promote in step 3.

To build your pages, you can use NewZenler - at the time I’m writing this they have free access with lots of options and all you need to start. You can join by invitation only - use this link to start. If you are a little more experienced and you already have hosting and a domain with Word Press, I recommend Thrive Themes

  1. Now, we need to send traffic to the optin page from step 1. There are many options, and don’t let them overwhelm you! Choose only 1 and be consistent. 

Facebook profile, Facebook group, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Linkedin, Forum… Just to name a few. Do a little research and see where people interested in your topic are hanging out. 

For example, if you decide that Youtube will be your main way to promote your business. Start creating videos about the topic. Decide will it be one video every day, one video per week or per month. And do it! Youtube is great because more videos you make, more people will see your videos and your funnel. 

There are hundreds of different ways to get traffic, it really shouldn’t be a big problem, you need to choose one strategy and be consistent with it!

After a few weeks or months, your email list will grow and you can promote many different (but related) products to that list. 


  1. Shortcut. Would you like to start within 1-2 weeks, instead of 3+ months, as that’s what usually takes to learn this and set up your blog, funnel. You can speed things up using this:

    1. Done For You:

      1. Blog

      2. Domain name and hosting

      3. Professional Blog, Squeeze Page, Squeeze Page, Commission-Generating One Time Offer and many more here: https://earnmoon.com/doneforyou 


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