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Case Study: How To Quit Your Job To Start Working From Home

How To Choose A Profitable Niche

This is a simple guide that shows you exactly what I do to work from home online. It takes some work to start, but after some time, you can outsource most of the things and just work as much as you want. If you want more money, you will work more, etc..

Before I go into details, I want to mention few important things!

These 4 secrets would save ME lots of time and energy if I knew them or used them when I was starting. But, you don’t have to make the same mistakes!


  1. Mindset
  2. 1 Thing
  3. Real Business
  4. Outsourcing


Not to go into many details, you need to know that our mind is playing with us, any changes are scary and it will distract you in any way possible to stop you from making success. You will always find some excuses to procrastinate, to not do what you want to do and to blame others for not having success you want. I always had many small Kresimir’s that were saying to me - You cannot do this, you don’t speak English good enough, you don’t have time, this takes too much work, you can never be like that guy because.., etc.

Small Kresimir’s always tried to stop me from doing things I wanted and I knew that will help me get to the next level. They blocked me from making anything useful, and they always wanted to do something unproductive, but easy to do.

That's why it's important to have a plan, weekly, monthly, yearly.

We are all exposed to so many messages from successful internet marketers, and it makes us feel like we will never be able to be successful as they are. When you stop reading those messages online on Facebook or emails, you will be one step closer to real success.

1 Thing

That leads us to second most important thing. One Thing!

What you need to do is find your path and follow it consistently, without taking care too much what other people say. Find one course, one solution and follow it as your main business model.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you will never be allowed to do anything else. But only after you create success with your first business, outsource it and have enough time and money to invest into business no. 2.

I read and learned a lot about many successful people that have their own businesses, and 100% of them had amazing results after focusing on only 1 thing.

Real Business

It's easy to fall into trap and think about your online business as hobby. Even if you don't, your family might easily do that. You must have a proven plan and isolate some time every day where you know what you need to do and finish, with your final goal in mind.

I loved the book “12 Weeks Year”, it will help you organize everything and achieve results fast, but follow it only after you know what your goal is and when you know steps needed to achieve it.


As soon as you have some money, you should invest it into outsourcing. For $3-$5 per hour you can find high quality people who will work in your business, while you will be able to work on your business and grow it much much faster!

My success

I started to get amazing results at the moment I started to believe that what I do is real and that it will work. I created a plan and followed it, at the same time added 3 people to my team - that’s when things started to explode and everything was much much easier.

The hardest part was to make my wife believe me that this is real deal and that I don't have to work 9-5 to make money and if I work for someone else, it still isn't safe like they were teaching us all our lives.. 🙂

So here is what I did with my first business.

Proven Plan

So what I did? I tried many many things, and I wouldn't fail if I decided to follow most of them.

My huge mistake was that for a long time I tried to work on 5+ things, so it slowed me down in achieving the success with one thing I followed. But eventually, I managed to make it, at least 2 years too late..

So here is the process that makes me most of the money online, you can do it! But remember, whatever you decide to do, follow only that 1 thing. It can be affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, info product creation, product launching - just to name a few. Whatever you follow, it won't take you much time to become an expert and create huge wins constantly.

What you need to start making money with solo ads?


  1. Autoresponder
  2. Tracking
  3. Domain name with WordPress or ClickFunnels


  1. Funnels
  2. Traffic


  1. Sales page
  2. Post to Facebook groups
  3. Promote affiliate products
  4. Platforms - Udimi, Clixli, Clickonomy

Here is step by step how to do it!


The main tool we are going to use is autoresponder. Basically, it’s an online software that will store all the email addresses you collect and enable you to send email messages to them. More emails addresses you have, you make more money.

Best alternative to Aweber is Getresponse.


Next, you will need a tracking account. It will help you track all your funnels, and all the orders of clicks you sell. I will show you show more about it later.

The best option is Clickmagick, in last few years they beat all the competition, and there’s not any other solution that is even close to them.

Get your Clickmagick 14 day trial account here.


There are many different solutions here, but I will recommend 2 that work best for me.

1. Instabuilder

This is WordPress plugin. To use it, you will need hosting, domain name and Word Press installed. I recommend Namecheap for hosting and getting your domain. It will be enough to take shared hosting account that is about $5 monthly. Domain costs from $1 - $13. If this is something that makes you scared, hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork to do this for you. Instabuilder will cost about $100, but it’s free for all my students.

2. Clickfunnels

Biggest advantage of Clickfunnels is that you can start very fast. The disadvantage is that it can be very costly if you are just starting. If you’re on a budget, I recommend to go with Instabuilder

If you decide to start with Clickfunnels, get your 14 days trial here.

What is good with Clickfunnels is their affiliate program, and very quickly you will be able to pay your Clickfunnels account with commissions if you promote Clickfunnels inside your business.


You will need to give something to your new subscribers in exchange for their email address. You can find lots of cheap and good quality ebooks if you google “PLR ebooks”. I can recommend IdPLR.com. Don’t overcomplicate, find a book with rights to share it for free, add your name on it (or just use it as it is).  Find ebooks about make money online, affiliate marketing, blogging, Internet marketing and similar.

Save that free gift on your hosting or use Clickfunnels to deliver it. Create 1 email follow-up where you introduce yourself and your free gift and link to it inside that first automatic email.


Use your funnel software to create a simple squeeze page. The rule is to make it as simple as possible - use one title, subtitle and collect email address only for best results. Here is example of one great squeeze page:

After you click on Get Instant Access, it will ask you to enter email address.

You need to connect your autoresponder account with your squeeze page. Go to your autoresponder, create a list and form, grab a code of your form and paste it inside your funnel software. Test - enter your email and check was it saved inside your autoresponder account.


Thank you page is the page your new subscriber will see after they enter their email and click submit. Purpose of this page is to produce as many clicks from it as possible - more they click, more money you make.

So you will need to make it interesting and use the best titles for the links. Try and see what works the best for you.

Here is example of thank you page (don’t copy - never do that, just model your pages like the example below).

After you create your thank you page, make sure that you update your form inside Autoresponder account so after new subscribers enters email they are taken to your thank you page. Copy and paste updated form code inside your Funnel Software account.

You can check the full page here: https://leadsmastermind.com/recommended2/


Next, add a tracking pixel from your Clickmagick account to your thank you page. This will help you to know exactly how many people entered their email after they visited your squeeze page. You will see results anywhere from 30-60%. Your job is to test squeeze pages and make it as higher as possible.

How to test?

Change titles, colors, calls to action. You will be surprised what happens - many times I get best results with pages that look very ugly and old. You will never know what works the best before you try.

How to add pixel?

Find Action tracking pixel inside your Clickmagick account and add it on your thank you page using funnel software.


We want to check is everything working correct. Create a link inside your Clickmagick

  • go to ‘Links’
  • Create new link
  • Enter link name
  • Inside Primary Link box - enter link to your squeeze page
  • Click create link
  • Click on the link you just created and copy tracking link
  • Go to that link - it should open your squeeze page
  • Enter email
  • Now, it should direct you to your thank you page
  • Go to Autoresponder account and see is your email saved inside

If any of the steps we tested above are not working, please follow instructions and check. Don’t proceed before all is improved.


Go to clickmagick => Rotators

Create new rotator named Clicks out. Rotator mode is Spillover. Backup URL is url of Mixed clicks rotator.

Create second rotator named Email clicks. Rotator mode is Spillover. Backup URL is url of Mixed clicks rotator.

Create second rotator named Mixed  clicks. Rotator mode is Spillover. Backup URL is url of Products rotator.

Create third rotator called Products. Rotator mode is sequential. No backup URL needed.

Join following networks to find product to add to your Products rotator:

Clickbank, Warrior+ or JVZoo

Now, go back to your thank you page and update all the links. Grab rotator link for Clicks out and make sure that every link on your thank you page goes there!


Congratulations! Now you are ready to build your list fast. You have 2 options - clickbanking and buy clicks.

Your funnel is ready to produce clicks out. So the best way is to start with clickbanking. You need to find 5 - 1o people to send traffic to and 5 - 10 people to receive traffic from.

Go to Facebook and find group about Clickbanking. Here are few:





There are 100’s of group like this, and you can contact people who post there. Introduce yourself, let them know that you are just starting and it might take some time but you will find 5+ people that will be able to send 100 clicks to you. The rule is to send clicks back within 7 days.. So make sure that you first find people to send clicks to, so you don’t waste anything. You don’t want to have incoming traffic and send it to nowhere…

Also, there are many groups where you can buy and sell traffic. Second option is to buy and sell at the same time, it’s very similar to clickbanking, but people are more serious and faster with delivery when they are selling. So this will help you be faster. If your funnel is working good, you will be able to do this without losing any money.

Here is one of the best groups where you can find clicks to buy:



Your list inside Autoresponder account is slowly growing. You have noticed what other people are doing and you should spy on them 🙂 See the types of emails they are sending so you can start creating your own.

There is no science to this - just avoid spammy emails (confirm, Paypal, etc. - google spam words) and test what is working for you.

You should start emailing one email per day after you have 1000 subscribers.

Inside your email, you will link to your Email rotator. Install Pretty LInks plugin to your WordPress and use it to create a link that goes to your Email rotator. Use the newly created link inside your emails.

This is going to be your money maker! As your list grows, after some time you will realize that you can produce much more clicks that you need to send to your clickbanking partners. So this are the clicks you are going to sell.


Now you will have some contacts after you started clickbanking or buying. Most of those people are also buying and you can offer clicks to them. Many will buy. Prices change, but at the moment I’m writing this, price for 100 clicks is about $35.

So if you can create 300 clicks per day and sell them, you will be able to make about $100 per day - $3,000 per month. Those numbers aren’t hard to reach within 30 - 60 days.

Now, $10,000+ months are not far, either!


There are many ways you can improve your results. There are many people inside different MLM groups that will buy 100 clicks for $70 or even $100.

You can work on your list and grow it as fast as possible by reinvesting all your sales.

Improve your funnels, emails, etc..

Outsource repeatable tasks like email writing, sending, selling, clickbanking…


This is it - all the steps I do to make consistent profit from my online business. No secrets, just work and following proven process. There’s no need for you to look for another shiny object because you have everything here in this short guide.

If you want to super speed up your success with this model and learn what to do next after you master solo ads, you can join my program. I have a membership site where I teach all these steps in detail with private coaching from me. With 4+ years of experience, I can help you reach your freedom just like I did, but you won’t have to wait many years, like I had to.

To find out more about my program go here

I’m really looking forward to help you. I worked and learned from many top solo ad sellers like Justin Spencer, Wayne Crowe, Anthony Tiley, but also I am learning from one of the best online marketers - James Schramko. I have invested lots of my income into coaching with all those people - that’s the only way you can learn and grow and reach your goals. My biggest regret is that it took me too long to decide and invest in a coach!

See you in the big leagues!


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