Online Business

Top 5 Things To Do Before Sending Traffic To Your Product

Lesson 1

1. Make sure your traffic provider has proven testimonials, preferably with sales

Here are best Facebook testimonial groups.

2. You want to make sure that the traffic is real NO BOT

These days, there are many smart bots that will optin to your page, click on the link in your funnel and click in your emails regularly. Many sellers aren’t even aware that their lists are ‘infected’ with bots if they don’t regularly take care of their lists. So you must make sure that your traffic provider is taking care of their list. If you get your clicks from you will be sure that you will receive 99,9% bot free traffic. Of course,

3. Minimal order 200-300+

4. Optin page max optins

5. Msut have email sequence - good to email daily

  • Give example of emails on request (optin page!)

6. Stats tracker - aff link to clickmagick

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