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Done For You Funnel Q&A

What is this? A step by step blueprint that will show you how to create a super affiliate funnel fast!

How will it help me? Create your funnel and you can use it to promote any product you want. You will learn how to find a product to promote, or you can use the one we recommend.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to start making money online promoting other people's products. So you don't have to create your product, handle support, do the sales calls, coaching calls or other boring and time consuming things.
You just need to send traffic to the one link. And if you finish all these steps, you will have that link ready!

Step 1: Join FB Group

To have all your questions answered about this + many more tips & tricks about making affiliate commissions using only free traffic sources:

Step 2: Get Your Free Autoresponder & Page Builder

To import the funnel, you will need to open a free account on Systeme.

It's free up to 2000 subscribers and you can create 3 funnels. More then enough until you start making money!

You don't need expensive funnel builders like Clickfunnels or autoresponder or hosting.
Systeme will save you about $150 per month!

Step 3: Choose A Product To Promote

You can promote any product you want.. 

What I recommend is a List Lion, pay $7 one time => you get 60% commissions from $7, $47 and $ 997 products.

Or if you decide to go all in, you can get 80% commissions from all the sales!

 But, if you want to start for free, you can find a product on Clickbank, JVZoo or W+.

On Clickbank, first choose the category that you like, then sort products by 'Gravity' to find the best converting products in that category. There are many good products there!

Another option is to google "high ticket affiliate marketing product".

Step 4: Import The Funnel

Below is the link you will use to import the funnel into your account. Just follow the instructions.

If you still want me or my team to import and setup the funnel for you, you can order here. There are some great bonuses, too!

Step 5: Email Sequence

Systeme is also an autoresponder, so you should add automated email sequence, at least 5 emails that go out every 24 hours. This will help maximize sales and build trust with your new audience. 

List Lion has their own email sequence, you will get it inside your members area if you join. Make some changes, don't just copy paste it.

On Clickbank, products normally have JV pages, where they share lots of resources - emails, images and similar. Just search for "JV" or similar note next to the product inside your Clickbank account.

But, the best way to do affiliate marketing is to join the program you promote, learn about it, so you can honestly teach and recommend it. At least the lowest level.

If from any reason you don't want to join now and they don't have email swipes for you to use, then you can also use a sales page / video and get the most important info about product from there.

Step 6: Create a Video

I know, this could be scary part... But if you want to succeed, you should start going out of your comfort zone! And isn't there a better way then created a video of yourself talking? 

Go to - it's another free service - use it to create video(s) fast!

Sign up and create a video using the script - make some changes, add your personal story - don't say it's something that helped you if you are just starting - but you can say it helped many people - because it really did!

Make your video using Loom! It's free, you can have 25 videos, up to 5 minutes long,
and then use Embed code to add the video to your pages.
Using the script, you can finish everything in 5-10 minutes. It doesn't have to be perfect!

Script to model

If this is your first video, practice!

Someone gave me one great advice, that helped me a lot when I was starting. Create a video 10 times, delete first 9 videos and use 10th version - it will be much better compared to the first. And good enough to use it on your page!

Step 7: What To Do With This

Great, congratulations for making it this far! You are probably one of <5%. People just don't take free stuff seriously. But you have to believe me, this is real!

1. Don't think this information here is not worth your time because it's free! This is proven to work, and I saw many paid programs that give you less actionable steps and less value. Setup these and start promoting your funnel. You will be happy that you did it!

2. You will need traffic. I have a free guide that will show you how to use short videos to get lots of traffic. Fast. Message me on Facebook and I'll send you the link.

If you want to learn all the best ways to get traffic and more advanced stuff, check the link below!

I have TWO SPOTS OPEN inside my "Attract & Convert" program:
Click Here To Learn More