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PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END. This is very important to succeed. If you break any of the rules that are listed on the bottom of this page you will be banned and we could seek legal action. We have the right to ban and cancel any affiliate account that breaks the rules on the bottom of this page.

How Does This Work?

I will be giving everything you need to get started step by step. 

Make sure you follow the steps 1 by 1 and take your time to get this started.

As the old saying goes "someone whos planted a tree now is enjoying the shade later"

The short version.... This is not a get rich quick overnight training.

I’m giving you the funnel you are in right now. This thing converts very well and I’ve been testing it for months.

The point of the funnel is to get you promoting ClickFunnels. The point in that is because you can get recurring income from it. You can also use my funnels without having to make your own. You can only import the funnel into ClickFunnels.

Then after the lesson are done you can start promoting other affiliate products and the goal is you get you making a complete passive income.


Or you can even promote you own products if you have any. You don’t have to change anything on the landing pages you can just send the traffic and let me do the work…. You do need to change the links though!

Let's get started!

Please make sure you join the Private group, link at the bottom of the page I’m uploading daily.



In this training it will take you through what funnels are and how to build them. Its based more on a product I have but it works the same for affiliate marketing. 

When watching this the content page will look different as I recorded the old one but it's now this page where you find all the content.

You also want to make sure you install the funnel into your ClickFunnels account

NOTE: When changing the links on your funnel if they don't change make sure there is no space at the end of the link before pressing enter. You must put the link in make sure there is no space at the end then push enter for it to stick,

Also make sure you join the Private Facebook Affiliate Club Group. This is a Temp group as we are trying to fix our secret group.

Watch that training above, install the funnel then move onto step 2



In this section you will learn how to create the email backend. This is important because this is how we make money.

The first step is to sign up to Get Response and they have a 30 day trial. This is the BEST program to use.Get 30 Day Trial Here

Click here if button don't work

Once you have the free account go back into the training and watch the email section.

Watch Email Training

Click here if button don't work

You can also use my email templates. You should be able to copy and past them from the file below. Right click on the mouse when on the page to copy.

Email Templates To Use

Click here if button don't work

All of this will probably take you a couple of days to set up. Once you have it setup come back to this page for step number 3.



The next step is to get traffic. I will list the best traffic methods from beginner to advanced. 

SOLO ADS: I would recommend starting with this traffic. Watch the training below

YOUTUBE TRAFFIC: A lot of my students have had great success with YouTube traffic. It works very well, you don't need to show your face all you need to do is use some screen recording software. Watch this training. 

FREE TRAFFIC TRICK: This one works really well! Watch this training.

SEO TRAFFIC: Now we are getting into the more advanced stuff. Watch this training.

FACEBOOK TRAFFIC:  Watch this training.

GOOGLE TRAFFIC:  Watch this training.

Well that's a lot of FREE content! I have more though, here is the bonus content.


STEP 4: Bonus Content

ChatBot Training:

Win Your Dream Car:

Make Money With Emails:

Once someone has signed up to your trials you can take these bonuses and send them to your people. You can send this file if you want.

Once someone has signed up to your trials you can take these bonuses and send them to your people. You can send this file if you want.


You are not allowed to make claims on Facebook like “How to make money online” “Make $1000 in 6 days” This is simply NOT ALLOWED and Facebook will ban you. If you are not familiar with Facebook's terms and advertising policies then don’t use this funnel for advertising please. Please don’t spam and make anything sound to good to be true because it’s not. We don’t teach get rich quick schemes ever!

I recommend you stay away from Facebook ads unless you know what you are doing. If you want to do paid traffic then do Solo Ads. Most gurus will give you there FB ads and tell you that’s where the money is…. I’m not going to waste your time and tell you that because you do need to know how to use Facebook ads.

When editing the pages or running ads you need to use royalty free images or videos. You are at risk of breaking the law if you don’t and any infringement will be passed on to the person running the ads.

Also please understand that Facebook ads are for advanced users and you should have knowledge of their rules.

You are allowed to use it for the free lessons only.

You can’t use my name or face in any ads you run.

You must keep the disclaimers on all pages.

You need to be 18 years or older to use the content I provide. Or the legal age your country requires to legally start a business.


You CAN’T use my 4 day lessons to sell anything. This training is free and it must stay this way. You are offering a free trial that your leads can leave at any time. We are not forcing them to buy anything to unlock information. Once the 4 day lessons are over feel free to promote what you want but with my funnels I’m giving away free lessons.


You must not use spamming techniques.

You must not break any laws with my funnel.


When caught breaking the rules you will not be aloud to use my funnels anymore.

It would be wise to change the landing pages to your own personal brand and videos if you plan to do personal branding.

To get this content you need to get the ClickFunnels trial to use my funnel, you are welcome to leave the trial at any time and you will not be charged to unlock “levels” or “secrets’ in the future. All the content you need is on this page and you don’t need to pay me for anything else


This mean you can't use my images or branding anywhere in public place

You have to get creative and figure out your own ways, you can't use my images, brand, videos in public place

I use ClickFunnels so you can use my funnel and I can share it with you.


FTC disclaimer: Under law you must have a disclaimer on the bottom of all pages. Right now there are blanks and you need to fill them in. If you leave my images on the pages then put my name Franklin Hatchett. If you use your own images you must put your name. This is the law. For support email put your own please.


Thanks, we have these rules in place so everything can run smoothly for you.

Disclaimer: We do not believe in get rich quick schemes or MLM schemes. Getting this content is free to you as long as you get a ClickFunnels trial so I can share my funnels with you. This is not a business that makes you rich overnight (those don’t exist). You will not be charged to unlock money making secrets. After 14 days you will be paying to use ClickFunnels as a funnel building software. Results are not typical and this is a long term game. I can’t guarantee you results.

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