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How To Make Money With Solo Ads Traffic

There's ongoing myth that solo ads don't work and that you are just trowing away your money if you use them. Let me show you that Solo ads are the traffic source that is equal to every other traffic source. I am confident to say, if done right, the solo ads can be the best, fastest and much more easier to scale than any other traffic source.

So what's inside this not so short article? It's based on 3+ years or experience, testing and talking to hundreds of my clients before and after they received total of millions of clicks from me.

In first part, I will touch the surface of affiliate marketing, trying to help you find a product to promote or encourage you to create your own.

If you already have a product you want to promote, click here to go immediately to the 2nd part

Second part is all about getting ready to send traffic to your funnel.

In the final part of this article, I explain all the things you need to be careful about when purchasing solo ads, what to test and how to test it. You will also learn how to know that you received all that you paid for.


I’ll make it blunt and clear.

If you want to make money online, you need to start building a list. The product(s) you will promote to build that list should be of good / great quality, should convert in the front end well so you get some or all of your money back after sending traffic and they should have more products in the funnel so in the long run you make money promoting them.

And last, but not least, there should be an automatic email sequence in place that will promote all the products to the subscribers. If you promote affiliate products, they should have that system in place for you. If you have your own line of products, you should create that type of sequence using email autoresponder software. Although all this sounds so hard and complicated, actually it’s very easy to do. For that, I recommend Drip or Seva/Converkit and it’s so easy to create different triggers that move your subscribers between lists depending on where they click, what sequences they saw, which product they bought..

Affiliate Program

So you decided to promote other people’s product. That’s great, because it’s fastest way to start. What you need to find is the offer with full funnel and email sequence. Do your research - you want to find the product whose creators are honest and quality of the product is great. 

Easiest ways to do that is to google the product and the owners and check out some reviews. Usually it helps to google ‘product scam’ or ‘product creator scam’, because when you search for reviews, you will see the results that include only other affiliates that will make money if you buy the product through their website, so if the product isn’t good, they normally won’t say it.

Here are few products I’d recommend, if you didn’t find something already:

  1. Internet Profits - One of the best and most legit programs. You get everything needed to start promoting it today + amazing support and great community that will help you inside a Private Facebook. But I need to warn you, there’s a big fee to join! But it’s worth every penny! 
    (contact me if that’s something you’re interested in - and if in the end you decide to join, I have prepared amazing bonuses that will help you start making money with this fast + I will be there to guide you)
  2. Traffic Domination - not one of the cheapest, but it's slowly becoming the best place where you learn everything you need to start and grow your online business! After you join, you will be part of one of the best community of people who help each other grow, support and motivate every day! You can even book your free strategy session call here - no cost for you, no obligation - just personalized advice for your business.

(contact me if that’s something you’re interested in. I also have amazing bonus and few tips that will help you get results much faster!)

3. JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior+ - it’s a little harder for beginners to start using those as you need to be approved to promote them (accept Clickbank!)

If you want to know more about first 2 programs, contact me (see all the info about the best ways to find me in the end of this guide and we can jump on short Skype call and I’ll answer any questions you might have about them).

The programs above are proven to convert, they are created and supported by people that I trust, they are honest, helpful and anyone who joins those will be thankful to you for referring them there. If they follow, it’s very likely that they’ll make money with those!

Your Own Product

I know it’s impossible to start creating a product from scratch, but that should be your goal. You will be able to keep all the commissions to yourself. That’s my sincere advice and it’s easier to say than do. But here are few examples of the most successful affiliates of Internet Profits. On purpose I didn’t add them above as I want you to start thinking like they do.

Internet Profits is a program that exist about 5 years and it has made a 6 figures passively for many people. They have made their funnel, products, email sequence and selling process into almost perfect system that literally spits money out. But, it’s not enough just to send the traffic there and wait for the money to come to you. You need to put work into it to get the best results.

I want to show you two examples of few Internet Profits affiliates that have added Internet Profits into their business to make lots of money almost passively. Probably you heard about some of them. They are Michael Cheney and Simon Stanley. When you get into it and do a little research, you will find out that those two aren't doing anything special, you can do it, too!

Michael Cheney is launching informational products every few months, builds a list using those and promotes Internet Profits in the background. He recommends it to all of his buyers and subscribers, and he promotes it regularly to his lists. So his business model consists of making good simple informational products that he sells for about $7 and upsells Internet Profits to them. He made 6 figures only from Internet Profits this way.

Another story is Simon Stanley (see us in the picture on the right!).

He is making Youtube videos on daily basis. He promotes his Clickbank product and then he recommends Internet Profits to buyers of his products. He of course builds his list, too. 

Can you start a Youtube channel and create few videos per week? Give value and be consistent - you will have a huge following after some time. Guaranteed!

And when you offer something to people who buy from you, when they have their credit card in their hands, that's where the magic happens. Conversions go up and if they already know you, like you and trust you, you can sell anything (but just make sure it’s something you like and use!). Do that and you’ll make 6 figures of commissions per year.

These two models are not easy to do, product launches involve lots of work and communication, but when you compare to what's possible, would you do it? When you compare making few Youtube videos every week to many other jobs, than actually it’s not so bad.

But, what I’m suggesting here is for you to do something, consistently, what you really like. Build a blog, write books, choose any other social media and master it - Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Webinars and use them to brand yourself.

Michal and Simon are 2 great examples.  You don’t need to join Internet Profits to get those type of results, but this is something that is proven to work and has been there for years.  There are many similar programs like this, just identify them. I know Internet Profits works great and that's the best way to go if you don't have a product.

So choose one platform, choose one proven product to promote and you can turn it into your full time job, if you really want it!


This are the tools that you will need to start. Also, all of them have affiliate programs that you can promote, too! I picked only the ones I use and are the best. And believe me, I tried many more.

Hosting / Funnel software

  1. Namecheap - one of the best hosting companies with great customer service
  2. Clickfunnels - the most beautiful and easiest to use software to create funnels. Free 2 weeks trial.


  1. Convertkit - recommended
  2. Aweber - one of the most popular AR’s, but Converkit has more options

Tracking software

  • Clickmagick - best tracking software for solo ads and everything else - free 2 weeks trial!



Now you have a product that you know is good and you want to send traffic to it. Here are few things you need to check out first:

  1. Do you have sales funnel in place with automated email sequence ready to go
  2. Test all the links and tracking

After that, there’s a little more work for you to do!

At the start of the article we said that you need to start a mailing list to start building your business.

If you are promoting affiliate product, your next step is to create a ‘bridge’ page. Bridge page will consist of squeeze page and thank you page where you will give to your subscribers something valuable and congruent with the product you promote.

Let me explain:

  • Traffic

That is traffic you will send to your squeeze page. In this guide we are talking about solo ads traffic, but you can send any other type of traffic, test it and see what happens!

  • Squeeze page 

You will collect emails and save them to your mailing list (Convertkit, Drip, Aweber,...). When you create a mailing list, you will get a code and copy it into your funnel creation software.  Inside that code you will need to enter the www address of your ‘thank you page’. So when a visitor to your squeeze page enters their email, 3 things happen (automatically, after you set it up once):

  • Email address is saved inside your autoresponder account
  • Automatic email for day 1 is sent
  • They are redirected to your ‘thank you’ page

You need to use squeeze page to attract the people that are more likely to buy the product. Your main goal is to make sales, and it’s worth to lose a little on optin rate to achieve that. This means that, ofr example, you don’t need and don’t want to use too much of words free on your squeeze page as that usually triggers more freebie seekers to enter their emails.

  • Thank you page

You will deliver your free gift (ebook, video, audio..) and introduce them to the product you are promoting. You can make a video and let it play on the thank you page, you can send them to PDF report with useful information or you can just inform them that the free gift will be inside their email box in few minutes and ask them to check out the offer you recommend.

Free gift needs to be good and useful and create the interest for the product you promote.

  • Sales page

You will use the affiliate link of the product you promote and send them to it. When you join a program, you will have access to links that are unique for you, just copy paste them.

There are many things that will affect your conversions:

  1. Squeeze page and free gift
  2. Follow up - Automated emails
  3. Build a community around you, your blog, youtube channel and/or Facebook page
  4. Branding
  5. Sending broadcasts to your list

Before you send any traffic to your funnel, make sure to double check everything.

  • Are all the links working?
  • Is your autoresponder saving the emails from your squeeze page?
  • Are you using single optin? (you can keep double optin if you really want)
  • Is your tracker working ? (more about tracking in next chapter)



So now that you have a product to promote and your funnel is ready. it’s time to send traffic to your funnel!

And what is the best and fastest way to do that? Solo ads!

So, what are solo ads?

Basically, when you buy solo ads, you buy visitors to your website from an email list that was built by seller of solo ads. Usually you can buy packages of 100 up to 10,000 clicks.

You need to know that it will be rare situation when you make money from your first purchase of your solo ads. You should be happy if you get few sales and receive 30 - 50% new subscribers from clicks you bought. After that, you will need to follow those new subscribers and scale up. Choose only the best sellers and continue to buy from them.


Biggest mistakes you can make when buying solo ads

1. Choosing bad/dishonest product

You cannot have long term business if you don’t promote good products that actually help people. Online business can get into something very serious for you very fast. Bad at the same time, if you receive bad comments and your reputation is bad, very fast everybody will know about you.

So you want to grow your business promoting products that work and grow a following of you or your brand. This way you will be able to create and promote your product or other products to the same people that get to know you. And you don’t need huge number to make if full time job!

2. Promoting directly affiliate product without saving emails = No autoresponder

I know that you want to start making money immediately after you join a program. They give you links to promote, squeeze pages look great and you really want to start. But, if you do that, you will loose in the long run. You need to start building your email list from day one. That is the smartest thing to do when you build online business. Your list, if you do things right, will be able to make money for you many years in the future.

3. Double optin

If you use Convertkit or Aweber, usually they have automatically turned on double optin. This means that after visitor to your squeeze enters their email, they will need to confirm it by clicking on link on your list. This will drop your optin rate by half. It doesn’t have to be bad thing, and there are times when it’s even better to do that, but when you are starting you should change to single optin and save all the emails without confirmation.

Many of clients that bought solo ad clicks from me made this mistake and they were surprised with very low optin rate, sometime even 10% or less!

4. Long squeeze page with too many options

The goal of your squeeze page is to collect as many quality emails as possible. That’s why you need to make it as simple as possible, without any links at all. Just a little bait so they get interested in what you have for them, headline and optin form. That’s all you want! Anything more that that will affect your optin rate.

I mentioned before, you need to make them interested in your offer, don’t just say free money fast, now,... This might increase your optin rate, but it won’t help with sales. You don’t want avoid freebie seekers as they are less likely to buy from you.

5. No follow-up sequence

As I said before, very rarely you will make money with your solo ad. That’s why you need more products in your funnel that are sold using automatic email sequence of 7 - 60 emails or more. That’s what will put you in profit if your products are good quality and if your email sequence is good, too.

6. No business plan

You need to know where you want to be in 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months from now. Do you want to make just a little passive income or you want to make this full time job? Will you start be create value for your subscribers, let them know you, like you and trust you? Will you create products and keep 100% of sales commissions? Make it simple and stick to it!

Things online can be overwhelming and it’s not possible to do everything. Remember Simon. He is creating Youtube videos and promoting to his lists. Make a plan and stick to it!


How to find and buy best solo ads?

  • Where to find solo ad sellers

You can find solo ad sellers on many Facebook testimonial groups - this one is biggest: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoloAdsTestimonials/. Do your research on this Facebook group. When you are starting out, choose only the sellers that have testimonials with sales. And there should be at least 2 testimonials with sales. This is good indicator that their traffic is good and that’s it’s real. You can never be sure, but in 99% of cases this will be enough.

Also, there are few directories of solo ad sellers, where you can buy solo ads and check out the testimonials, ratings and results of solo ad sellers. Biggest site like that is www.udimi.com. Make sure to find a seller with good ratings and sales in his testimonials.

Another great site that has only proven sellers with great traffic is www.soloadsx.com . If you buy clicks from there, you will get a good traffic, for sure! Test it and see which sellers have the list that works best for your offer.

After you find a solo ad seller using the criteria mentioned above, make sure that he has a sales page.  Again, it won’t mean that he is 100% legit, but it will be a good indicator, together with other advice I’m giving you, that the solo ad seller is legit and that he will give you good traffic.

Before buying, contact the solo ad seller on his Facebook profile. Usually, just by using common sense and checking the Facebook profile of seller, you will be able to conclude is it fake or not. Often they will offer discount on your first order, if they don’t ask them about it.

For example, I have:

  1. Solo ads sales page http://solo-ads.biz/
  2. Blog - http://kreshimir.com/
  3. Facebook profile - https://www.facebook.com/kklukovic
  4. Facebook fan page for my testimonials - https://www.facebook.com/Kresimir-Klukovic-Solo-Ads-1668737333143282/
  5. Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamjJ8p84opemR_agfT2Cqg

I’m not so active on all of those, but I’m easy reachable and it’s impossible to fake all of those!

  • What to ask the solo ads seller

Ask them about T1 %, what is cost per click, when they can start and how long will it take to deliver. How many % they will overdeliver? How they build their list?

Don’t overcomplicate this things. If you did your research in step 1, you’re almost ready to go.

Money saving tip! 🙂

Usually, almost every seller will offer discount on your first order, if they don’t, ask them about it.

  • What you need to order solo ads

When you buy clicks, you will look for at least 80% T1 traffic. Everything below that will hurt your long-term results as most of the buyers are from T1 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand).

I recommend for you to order at least 200 for your first run. This will be enough to get a feeling about the traffic quality. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t enough, but if you are not sure if the seller is legit, is his traffic good for your product, 200 clicks is the best way to start.  

  • How to make sure you got what you paid for

I recommend using Clickmagick for tracking of your results. You need to follow unique clicks and T1 %. You need to create a link in Clickmagick, add your affiliate link inside it and give the tracking link to your seller.

Also, you should track conversions. It’s very easy to do that. All you need to do is add action pixel on your thank you page and you will know exactly how many people opted in to your page.

Also, Clickmagick will recognize many bot clicks and filter them for you automatically.

Of course, there’s always a small chance that someone will send you ‘smart’ fake traffic, but if you follow all the steps I’m giving you here, it will hardly ever happen!

  • Tracking

For every purchase you make, you should track:

  • number of clicks received
  • % of optins
  • % of sales you’ve got.

After you send some traffic to your optin page, you will know the average optin rate. So if your average optin rate is 40%, you won’t be happy with 20%. Anything +/- 10% is fine from average.

But in the end, all that matters are sales. If provider of your clicks constantly gives you sales, you will want to keep buying from him, even if he has much lower optin rate than average. Situations like that will happen to you, so don’t give up on sellers with lower optin rates immediately!

For 200 clicks, from my experience and many other people, you should get at least 2 sales of front end product that cost anywhere from $7 to $19.

If this was useful to you, please share this link with your friends, family, Facebook walls, anywhere you can. I will be grateful forever! 🙂


If you are looking for high quality solo ads traffic, go here:


This is my service, you can find 100+ testimonials and test my traffic soon!
I’ll be happy if I can serve you and give you the best results!

If you want to get a discount, just contact me using email or Facebook
and mention that I offered you discount inside this report! 🙂



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