My Story

Hi! I'm Kresimir from small country called Croatia.

I'm here to help you! But before that, just a few words about me.

I started with affiliate marketing as a student in year 2000, and did great first 2 years, but after first problems arrived, I stopped and returned to the path I was thought all my life, must get a job, find a wife and work all the time until you're old .

I started betting, created a biggest betting community (1000+ members) in this area about betting (still getting some commissions from that), but I simply didn't think and didn't believe that this could be a real business, so I let it die, how stupid I was, again!

But the betting was working for me great, the 9-5 job I started to work was also good, it surely was much better than the average job, but still I always wanted to do something new. For 5,6 years I was making great money with betting, but it was harder and harder and I started to lose. I think it was also addiction :) I was used to bet all the time, but I was also bored with all the procedures of analyzing and researching.

So finally I stopped betting, traveled a lot and visited many countries around the world. One of my final destinations was Vietnam (temporary I hope!), where I met my wife and now we live in Croatia with our daughter 3,5 years old..

So in the end of 2014 I came back to 'making money online', but this time from zero, with a plan to leave my 9-5 and to be able to spend more time with my family and also to spend more time in Vietnam.

So I tried many things, learned too many things, but didn't implement much for too long. For 2 years I managed to build a business around Solo ads. It wasn't easy, but now I can say I know 99% about that and very fast I managed to make much more with solo ads then I did in my 9-5 job. I felt like I was in jail there, so I finally quit after 15 years.

Now, I run 3 different online businesses and I'm here to teach how to do the same. I have prepared few courses where I show exactly what and how I do it. My goal is to help many more people do the same and quit their 9-5 jail time as soon as possible.

What I want you to do next is - add me on Facebook (I get dozens of friend requests there, so to make sure I add you, please send me the message, too!), check out the products page. Unlike many other marketers, I put out only things that work for me and adding a lots of new stuff all the time. 

Looking forward to know you and talk to you!