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VIDEO #1: Understanding The Program

Once you've completed this course, there are a few key points I'd like you to take away.

video #2: OTS System overview

The 'big picture' of the OTS System.


video #3 - What to promote

This video answers the question, should you start with affiliate product or your own product?

video #4 - Types of products to promote

Recurring or high ticket? Or both?

VIDEO #5: Where to find products

To find a product to promote, you should do your research. There are lots of good quality products. Find one and move to the next lesson.

If you are still not sure, or you want to give you my opinion about the product you choose, msg me here: https://m.me/kklukovic

video #6: High ticket product checklist

If you decide to promote high ticket product, use this to evaluate is it really worth promoting.

Usually it's best to be a full member and get to know the product, so you can promote it the right way.

If it's too expensive for you, there are products you can join for bellow $50 and still receive high ticket commissions.

video #7 - Recommendations

There are many ways you can start.
Here's one - join OLSP List Building training.
It's a simple system that will show you how to make commissions in the next 24 hours, guaranteed!

Click the button below to start. If you need help with setting it, message me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kklukovic

It takes 1-2 hours max to set up this system, I've never seen something similar before! 

It costs $47 to start. But, for $47 you will receive $100 worth of clicks and training that will show you how to make guaranteed commissions over and over. And within 48 hours from the moment you order, you will have the first commissions earned. 

video #8 - Your Irresistible Offer

Top ideas for bonuses to offer around the affiliate product you promote so you can stand out and make people want to buy from you


VIDEO #9: System Setup

video #10: Create your Facebook group

How to setup your group Facebook group, step by step. 

video #11 - Setup Facebook profile

How to setup your Facebook profile quickly

video #12 - HOT LEADS

Targeted leads to grow your FB group and make sales

VIDEO #13: Outreach & Scripts

The best strategies to qualify and move your new friends into FB group

video #14: Content plan

Posting on your profile and FB group shouldn't be complicated!


video #15 - NEW LEAD FLOW

The process from sending friend request, and what to do exactly after they accept it. A few examples of messages I used

video #16 - New group member multi follow up

It's very rare that people will buy immediately. It usually takes them about 7 times to see the offer before they are ready to buy. So if you follow this multi follow up system, you will speed up that process!

VIDEO #17: Daily Action Plan

7 Steps Daily Action Plan


If you want me to help you to implement all this, plus give you a few more bonuses that will help you do it faster, you can start working with me and increase your chances of success.

I will work with you until you get to $5k+ per month. 

1. We will quickly set up your full system (2-3 days)

2. I will show you how to create content fast, where to post it, and how to use AI to do it 10x faster

3. Then we will create your daily action plan - including where to find your perfect future clients and how to make sales

4. I will help you along the way to master and improve until you start making $5k+ per month

This is my guarantee to you, and for sure I won't offer this to everybody.

Today, the inner circle coaching is only $995. Unfortunately, most of the other similar programs, for this price, will give you access only to video lessons and maybe some templates.

I realized that the reason for people failing, in 95% of the cases, is a lack of 1 on 1 support.

That's why, in OTS Inner Circle Coaching I will work with you, 1 on 1, until you get the results.

This stuff works, and if you get stuck, I won't leave you alone. We will solve any problem you might have and move you closer to your goal.

Go here to join OTS Inner Circle Coaching and let's start today

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