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By Kresimir Klukovic, May 20, 2019 11:00 AM

Please Read This Before You Check Your Email With Link To Adsense Blog

Let me tell you few words about me and allow me to help you learn and earn more!

I want to show you where you can learn all the details about making perfect Adsense Blogs and maximize results from them.

But, I also want to say few words about something that will help you a lot. If you are solo ad seller who is just starting or you are making some money from your solo ads business, you need to check out the video somewhere on this page that introduces the training that is absolutely the best thing for Solo Ad sellers right now and all the people who want to be successful solo ad sellers.

The video is below, if you really don't have something smarter to do, you can read few words about me. If you value your time, scroll bellow the 'about me' area and watch the video!

About Me

Welcome! My name is Kresimir Klukovic and I started to work online in year 2000! Some of the things I did then are paying me commissions still today, each an every month, without touching anything for 10+ years. Yes, TEN or more years! I'm talking about $500-1000 per month and I'm not saying this to brag, but to show you how everything is possible online. You only need to do the right thing at the right time.

That helped me travel the world and visit more then 30 countries - Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Norway, Tunisia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Latvia - just too name a few..

Until I settled down to start a family and wait for some time to go another round of world travelling... :)

Why I Created This Page

For last 4+ years I learned everything about solo ads business (and some other online businesses). After some time of trial and error, I joined one training, or better say community of people of same interest that help each other grow and make amazing results. So my business is growing every day, and only sky is the limit. I want you to do the same, as I'm sure everybody can do this, with right help and guidance. 

That's way I created this small page to show you what really works now and how you will make much more money if you follow few simple solutions presented here.

Solo ads problem no.1 solved: Not Enough Sales

Lucky for you, you are now at the right place, if you already have the list that produces clicks for make money online, biz opp, MLM and similar online opportunities. 

If you are doing solo ads you probably know that there are 2 main problems most of us face regularly - not having enough clicks or not selling enough clicks. Or sometimes both :) But, there is solution for everything. What attracted you here is the problem of not having enough sales.

But that's so easy to solve using simple Google Adsense site. You already know that all you need is simple Word Press Blog, 10-20 articles that can be easily outsource for few bucks per article and few more pages like Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

When you start sending traffic, on the right you can see what is possible. And these results are before optimization. So very soon, this numbers will be much much better! Now, I am making 35 cpc. What would it mean for your business if you could simply smile when someone wants to buy traffic from you for only 30 cpc? "Sorry, I have better place to send my traffic to!". 

So, what to do next?

You can do it on your own.. Or... Follow the simple step by step course that will show you...

1. detailed step by step guide to create this type of money making blog

2. how to make sure to be accepted to Adsense 

3. how to optimize blog

4. answers to all your questions you will have while you build your blog and work on maximizing the results from it

Don't be like me.. I wanted to do it all by myself, so it took me 3 months before I decided to take help from professionals to finish the blog. I lost at least $3k because of that :(

How to do it all fast? Join Traffic Domination. 

But, what is Traffic Domination, you are asking yourself.. Well, here are few words about it and below the video you can read about what's inside.

What The Hell Is Traffic Domination?

What's Inside?
4:20 Affiliate program

4:46 Basic solo ads coaching - this will take you from 0 - $2k per month

5:20 Advanced solo ads - the exact techniques that Wayne uses to make up to $100k per month

6:20 Advanced Funnels

7:00 How to build buyers list and make money from it and combine it with your solo ads business

7:33 Traffic domination Biz opp products - sell them and make 100% commissions

8:35 Access the products that convert and sell them using your spillover traffic

9:40 Bing Ads coaching for solo ads, for CPA - you can use only this to make thousand of $$$!

10:55 Facebook Ads coaching - learn from a guy who turns $1 into $60 with Facebook ads

11:21 Youtube coaching - this course is responsible for 5 figures days from this Youtube expert. This is one of the easiest ways to start!

12:55 Adsense training - monetise your traffic, do it once and forget about it

13:20 New traffic shortcuts training

13:46 Media buying for Maxbounty

14:13 Q&A session - ask anything - every Thursday 

14:47 Masterclass recordings 


  1. More Clicks Sales
  2. More Clicks Produced
  3. More Traffic Sources
  4. More Monetization Opportunities
  5. Take Your Solo Ads Business To The Next Level And Build Buyers List And Sell Real Products


If you are just starting to build your online business or you are experienced marketer, this is for you. Learn everything you need to know with amazing support and community of like minded people that always help each other, usually within minutes after you need help. Everybody cares and we all want us to really have success and 2x, 3x or 10x our income


The Good Stuff:
  • for newbies and experienced solo ad sellers
  • everything is covered for you to start building and monetising your list
  • constant support inside Facebook group, chat and weekly coaching calls
The Bad Stuff:
  • too much content - it's easy to get lost

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